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Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos de Ciudad Real (UCLM)



The project of our School was born in 1998 conditioned by the present and future challenges of the civil engineering profession and by the offer of other existing master degrees at the Spanish university. Both factors served to define the keys of a modern and high-quality training model based on the following aspects:

      • Adoption of  “Project Based Learning” as a key element and differentiator of the educational process.
      • Learning in small groups, with emphasis on the development of communication and innovation skills.
      • Deepening in the territorial and environmental aspects of civil engineering.
      • Actions of internationalization and use of new technologies.
      • Promotion of study trips and visits to work sites as fundamental elements in the learning of civil engineering.

Throughout the almost 20 years of existence of the School, this ambitious teaching project has demonstrated the ability and solvency to train civil engineers with an integrated vision of the territory, sensitive to the impact that civil works produce on it, and with a careful technical training, able to lead multidisciplinary work teams and communicate effectively. Our graduates develop their professional careers in all areas of civil engineering and around the world.

Our educational method has been recognized with the EUR-ACE® quality label, awarded in 2016 to the Bachelor´s Degree in Civil Engineering  and currently under evaluation for  the Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering


Students can choose a specialization track to develop civil engineering in (1) Construction, structures and terrain; (2) Water and environment; and (3) Transportation, urban and spatial planning. Our offer also includes classes in Project Management, Innovation & Research, and internships in real civil engineering companies.